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Composer Type Styles

FontCabinetType Quality and Print Reliability

IBM Composer type is patterned after classic type styles and is adapted to a nine-unit system that permits seven different letter widths for superior letter fit. This advantage, combined with the unique design and printing action of the type font, enables any IBM Composer to produce consistently clear impressions of uniform color and density.

Wide Variety of Faces for All Work

IBM Composer fonts are available in a wide range of type point sizes 6 to 12. Foreign language fonts are also available for multilingual composition.

Click here to view the complete Composer Type Styles Portfolio (PDF, 35MB).

Type Faces

Font Designer Aldine Roman
Classified News
Copperplate Gothic
Journal Roman
Press Roman
Century Presswire
Classified News Presswire
Press Roman Symbol (Greek, Mathematical, Technical)
Ruling Font